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Crystal sourcing and what does that exactly mean?

As you know, I deeply enjoy creating with and curating these beautiful gems from Momma Earth. But I am even more passionate about how I acquire these gifts from the earth, which means that I work directly with small family-owned mines and wholesalers who share my same views. Every crystal that is sold at Jezobelles is hand selected by me either in person or via FaceTime with my suppliers. By doing this I am building relationships with these family-owned businesses and this is beyond fundamental.

I take sourcing of my stones and materials very seriously. Most people are not aware of the darkness behind the beauty, such as that of child slavery, unsafe working conditions and unfair pay that are prevalent in this industry. I am a true believer that no human should be subjected to the loss of basic human rights or exploited for the purpose of gain.

In addition to this, how stones are mined can affect the environment believe it not. I prefer to use suppliers who can offset as much of these impacts as possible in ways like decreasing emissions by hand mining with shovels and picks rather than using dynamite and large machinery or using recycled water for cutting stones.

The whole premise of earth energy is that crystals provide healing qualities because they hold programs, energy and memory and they work by emitting that energy and all those good vibes. So doesnt it make sense to source from the best areas, with the best vibes and the most intentional mines? I honestly believe that if they’re mined in a destructive way, that they would be emitting negative frequency, and then their magic is null and void.

All my beautiful crystals are sourced from various locations around the world, and even under the sea! I take pride in that every single one of my products is hand selected for its beauty, its magic and its mystery. Every piece is unique and truly one of a kind, so if you find something you love here in the shop, make sure you grab it before its gone, there will never be two like it!



There are a lot of online shops out there these days and I am beyond grateful that you have chosen Jezobelles. I pride myself on honesty and transparency. Building customer relationships is my main mission as I feel the Universe has chosen me to help people in body, mind and spirit, and I want to be able to provide you with products that define you, and allow you to reclaim your magic. I also want to be able to provide you with an experience and not just a purchase, and because of that my biggest promise to you is that you will get exactly what you expect and more!


This is a big one because I am so conscious of how to minimize the carbon footprint of online commerce and the effects it has on our beautiful world. All my packaging is made from recycled materials. My bubble wrap is recycled or even biodegradable!

Whether it is a piece of my handcrafted jewelry or a brand new crystal, I personally guarantee, they are of the highest quality. Anything that does not meet my quality standards, will be listed in my "misfits" section with a description as to any defect.


Always fast and always FREE! Plus, once it arrives, opening your order from Jezobelles will make you feel like it’s Christmas morning!


I hand select, cleanse and clear, bless with much love and light, and then activate every single crystal and mindfully made gemstone jewelry piece that is in my shop. When you receive your order, your beautiful new gems have been selenite or clear quartz charged for 24 hours and are ready to receive the highest and best intentions of all!


I am not just a Woman Owned small business but did you know that I am also an ARMY veteran?!
H O O A H!


Have a problem with your order? Just contact me, I promise I don't bite and you will be glad you did!


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