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When you purchase a product from Jezobelles, they are ready to help manifest your intentions and were energetically pre-cleansed and selenite charged prior to shipping out to you. However, I always recommend that when you get a new crystal or gemstone jewelry piece that you re-cleanse it to bring the crystals back to neutral so that they work best for your intentions and to make the best connection to your new piece.

How you re-charge, re-activate or "cleanse" your crystals and gemstone jewelry is solely up to you and what you feel is best. Below are my top 3 favorite ways I like to give myself, my sacred space and my beautiful gems a tune up.   

good vibrations.jpeg


Acoustic re-tuning with a tuning fork, singing bowl, or any tool that emits a high amplitude will snap you or your crystal right back into its home frequency, back to a natural state. As you re-tune you can feel these vibrations, they will go through the crystal and it basically hits reset. It doesn't matter what frequency you use, as long as it is a high amplitude. Its a great clarifier, purifier, and it magnifies energies.

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Have a little fun and play a game of matchmaker and pair your crystal and/or gemstone jewelry with either a Selenite or Quartz crystal. Did you know that, both of these crystals have the rare ability to charge and purify other crystals, without ever losing any of their own energy?! Simply lay your crystal or gemstone jewelry on a piece of Quartz or Selenite for about 6 hours and then after their date with these suitable mates, they will be emitting a loving and positive energy!

sage & santo.jpeg


Burning Sage and Palo Santo makes your home smell great, BUT they can also have your crystals and/or gemstone jewelry pieces feeling that harmony and good vibe too! As you re-charge and re-activate your space, immerse yourself and your crystals and/or gemstone jewelry with this sacred smoke until it becomes energetically still. You can purchase one of these GOOD VIBES BUNDLES in my online shop! (see link below)

sacred space.jpeg

Cleanse your sacred space of negativity with a Good Vibes Bundle! 


I get asked this question a lot, now that I re-tuned (cleansed) my crystal and/or gemstone jewelry then what do I do with it?

Program it! This is when the MAGIC happens!

Basically it works like this, you know how the same way that you need a sense of direction in order to be most productive?? Well, so does your crystal and gemstone jewelry pieces. By giving them a "job", it allows you to set your intentions for goals you would like to achieve together.

This is the time to ask yourself, what do you want out of your crystal or gemstone jewelry? In order to help you manifest your intentions into realities, you have to be clear when programming on what your exact intention is for your crystal or gemstone jewelry piece.

Whether it is a new crystal being added to your collection or a gemstone jewelry piece being added to your wardrobe, the process acts the same way. Make sure that you are free of any distractions, go to a quiet space in your home or in nature and sit quietly while holding the item in your receiving (non-dominant) hand. Just breathe in the highest white light and then visualize how you would like this stone to support you, then speak that dedication out loud. Earth energy amplifies everything around it, so your thoughts are very powerful!

After programming the pieces with your intention, they are now "activated". If you’re following these steps for any gemstone jewelry, keep in mind that you want to wear them for 10-21 days straight after setting your intention (it’s okay to take them off at night). Just like any relationship, it takes time for your energies to sync. You want to make sure that you are reaffirming your own devotion to your intentions by continuing to re-establish them with your crystal and gemstone jewelry. The reason for this is so that it strengthens your connection with your crystal and gemstone jewelry, this way you are both vibrating your resolutions at the highest frequency and you are benefiting from all of those GOOD VIBES!

It doesn't work over night, good things take time! Have patience, know that the key to harnessing the full potential of any earth energy healing is having the courage and faith to believe in the effectiveness of these crystals and gemstones when used in combination with various types of meditation.

Every day, you can go a little deeper with your crystals and gemstone jewelry. The many small achievements day after day will eventually lead to reaching your personal goals and making real changes you can notice. Remember to re-tune/re-activate your crystals and gemstone jewelry on a regular basis, this will magnify your intentions and enhance their healing properties even more!!

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